Movies of 2019

1. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

2.  Season 6: Fraiser

3. Bumblebee

4. Season 7: Fraiser

5.  Love & Basketball

6. Season 1: Sex Education

7. Season 1: Derry Girls

8.  Season 1: Russian Doll

9: Season 4: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

10. Season 2: Friends from College

11: Season 1: You

12. Season 1: Pen15

13. Season 1: Shrill

14. What Men Want

15. Climax

16. Captain Marvel

17. Us

18. Bad Times at the El Royale

19. Season 2: American Vandal

20. Season 1: The Umbrella Academy

21. Season 8: Frasier

22. Season 9: Frasier

23. Season 3: Queer Eye

24. Season 5: New Girl

25. Gloria Bell

Movies of 2018

  1. Paddington 2

  2. Phantom Thread

  3. Season 1: Mindhunter

  4. Season 1: The Leftovers

  5. Season 3: The Fall

  6. Season 1: The End of the Fucking World

  7. Season 4: Black Mirror

  8. Black Panther

  9. Game Night

  10. The Party

  11. It

  12. Season 1: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  13. Season 1: Collateral

  14. Season 1: The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

  15. Season 1: Corporate

  16. The Death Of Stalin

  17. Isle of Dogs

  18. You Were Never Really Here

  19. A Quiet Place

  20. I Feel Pretty

  21. Coco

  22. Ant-Man

  23. Season 1: Black-ish

  24. Season 4: Broad CIty

  25. Season 2: Riverdale

  26. Season 5: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  27. Season 4: How To Get Away With Murder

  28. Season 3: The Great Interior Design Challenge

  29. Season 2: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  30. Season 3: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  31. The Little Hours

  32. Season 1: Queer Eye

  33. Season 4: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  34. Season 1: Nailed It

  35. Season 2: Jessica Jones

  36. Season 2: The Good Place

  37. Game Over, Man

  38. Season 1: Cooked

  39. On The Seventh Day

  40. Oceans 8

  41. Season 2: Glow

  42. Season 2: Queer Eye

  43. Season 2: Luke Cage

  44. Season 1: Escape to the Country

  45. Won't You Be My Neighbor?

  46. Incredibles 2

  47. Tag

  48. Mission Impossible: Fallout

  49. Eighth Grade

  50. Ant Man and the Wasp

  51. Crazy Rich Asians

  52. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

  53. Season 1: Sharp Objects

  54. Season 1: The Night Manager

  55. Season 1: A Very English Scandal

  56. Gringo

  57. American Made

  58. Season 1: Stay Here

  59. The House

  60. A Simple Favor

  61. Season 2: Blackish

  62. Murder On The Orient Express

  63. A Star is Born

  64. The Intern

  65. Pitch Perfect 3

  66. First Man

  67. Blockers

  68. My Dinner with Herve

  69. Nappily Ever After

  70. Season 2: Big Mouth

  71. Season 1: Frasier

  72. Season 2: Frasier

  73. The Lost Boys

  74. BlackKKlansman

  75. Season 1: Killing Eve

  76. Season 6: Great British Bake Off

  77. Season 1: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  78. Widows

  79. Creed 2

  80. Season 3: Fraiser

  81. Season 1: Great British Bake Off Beginnings

  82. The Favourite

  83. Battle

  84. Season 1: The Bodygaurd

  85. Dunkirk

  86. Season 1: Monty Don’s French Gardens

  87. Season 1: Schitt’s Creek

  88. Season 2: Schitt’s Creek

  89. Season 3: Schitt’s Creek

  90. Season 4: Schitt’s Creek

  91. Season 4: Fraiser

  92. Destination Wedding

  93. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

  94. If Beale Street Could Talk

  95. Sorry to Bother You

  96. Avengers: Infinity War

  97. Jack Reacher: Never Look Back

  98. Philadelphia

  99. No Reservations

  100. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Boston Globe Article

Now that Kenice Mobley and comedy have connected, there’s no turning back


Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Think of: She’s a big fan of Aziz Ansari, which shows sometimes in her enthusiastic delivery, and her material is reminiscent of Gary Gulman.

What caught our eye: Her own sets at The Comedy Studio, and her roast with Emily Ruskowski on Boston’s “Comic vs. Comic” show.

Light bulb moment: Mobley came to Boston to get her MFA in film production from Boston University, a program she ultimately finished in Los Angeles. She had performed at a couple of open mikes in both cities, but a turning point came when she took a class at ImprovBoston and overheard some students talk about how it was so much fun to try standup. She couldn’t understand the idea of doing it on a whim, of not taking it seriously. “Even though I’ve just done this a couple of times, this seems right,” she remembers thinking.

Biggest thrill: Mobley mentions two. She loves to win over an audience that other comics couldn’t crack. And she loves it when a joke almost writes itself, because that’s not how herprocess usually works. “I’ll kind of attack [a premise] from a few different angles on paper, and work it out like a math problem,” she says. “Other times, a joke will just pop into my head almost fully formed, and I love that feeling.”

Biggest surprise: She was never the class clown, and she says she’s not even the funniest or most outspoken person in her family. So it surprised Mobley that she found a community of people doing standup from unlikely backgrounds, and it made her wonder why she hadn’t started earlier. “How did I not know this was a thing before this? I didn’t start comedy until I was 27.”

Inspired by: When she sees other comedians hustling, it motivates her to work harder. “I know that they’re out night after night after night and during the day they’re just writing more and more material,” she says. “That I respect a ton and that always inspires me to do more.”

Aspires to: She’s done comedy in Boston and Los Angeles, and now she’s prepared to take on New York. “I like my material now, but I know I’m definitely still young in the game,” she says. “I want to get better material, create more material, and do it in front of a greater variety of audiences.”

For good luck: Eating something before going onstage helps her keep focused. But she also has a more unusual practice to keep her on her toes. “I like needing to go to the bathroom — it creates an urgency,” she says, laughing. “I will drink a large container of water sometimes before I have to go onstage just so that my body is like, ‘Things are going on! Everything’s happening right now!’ ” It calms the kinds of anxieties that might detract from her performance. “It distracts me from my brain nervousness and makes me focus on body nervousness,” she says. “It’s great! Anything that gets me out of my head.”

What people should know: Mobley splits her time between standup, podcasting, and using her filmmaking skills. She wrote and produced the Web series “Allston X-Mas,” and has written, produced, and directed short films. There are two Web series in the works, one with Boston comedian Sam Ike, that will come out in the next year. She also hosts and produces the “Person About Town” podcast. “I want to keep being able to do all three, but I know that different things will take precedence at different times.”

Coming soon: She’ll be doing standup at the “Sailor Moon Shoujo Spectacular!” show at Oberon in Cambridge Dec. 29, and she’ll be playing Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston with headliner Will Noonan on New Year’s Eve. She’ll also be appearing regularly at The Comedy Studio., Twitter @kfmawesomeness

Movies of 2017

1. Begin Again

2. Season 1: Chewing Gum

3. Man Up

4. Season 2: Last Man on Earth

5. Manchester By the Sea

6. All Good Things

7. People vs OJ Simpson

8. Season 1: Crazyhead

9. Daughters of the Dust

10. I Am Not Your Negro

11. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

12. American Ultra

13. Season 1: The Office

14. Season 2: The Office

15. Get Out

16. Logan

17. T2 Trainspotting

18. Kong

19. Beauty and the Beast

20. Season 3: The Office

21: Season 4: The Office

22. Season 5: The Office

23. Season 6: The Office

24. Season 7: The Office

25. Season 8: The Office

26. Season 9: The Office

27. The Fate of the Furious

28. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

29. Season 3: Catastrophe

30. Season 2: Master of None

31. Season 2: Chewing Gum

32. Season 3: How to Get Away With Murder

33. Season 5: The Mindy Project

34. Alien: Covenant

35. King Authur

36. The Lego Batman Movie

37. Season 1: The Great British Bake Off

38. Season 2: The Great British Bake Off

39. Wonder Woman

40. Season 5: House of Cards

41. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

42. Season 3: The Great British Bake Off

43. Season 1: I Love Dick

44. Season 1: GLOW

45. Season 1: The Standups

46. Season 1: Friends from College

47. Season 1: The Good Place

48. The Incredible Jessica James

49. Me Before You

50. Jennifer's Body

51. Season 1: Big Little Lies

52. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

53. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

54. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

55. Central Intelligence

56. Going Clear

57. Keeping Up With the Joneses

58. Season 7: Game of Thrones

59. Season 2: Mr. Robot

60. John Wick

61. John Wick 2

62. Baby Driver

63. Girl's Trip

64. The Big Sick

65. Ingrid Goes West

66. It Comes At Night

67. Rough Night

68. Marvel’s The Defenders 

69. Season 4: Bojack Horseman

70. Season 1: Big Mouth

71. Season 2: Stranger Things

72. Season 1: Riverdale

73. Season 3: Broadchurch

74. Season 4: The Great British Bake Off

75. Season 1: Broadchurch

76. The Boss

77. Season 2: Insecure

78. Season 4: Transparent

79. Free Fire

80. Moonstruck

81. The Beguiled

82. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

83. Blade Runner 2049

84. The Florida Project

85. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

86. Thor: Ragnarok

87. Ladybird

88. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

89. Call Me By Your Name

90. The Shape of Water

91. I, Tonya

92. Season 2: Broadchurch

93. Atomic Blonde

94. American Vandal

95. Unforgettable

96. Moana

97. Jim & Andy

98. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) 

99. Sleeping With Other People

100. Paddington

101. Trip to Spain

Cambridge Scout Article

For Valentine's Day, Scout Cambridge and I sat down to chat about dating in the city of Boston. Article full text and link below.

“You Really Should’ve Kept That To Yourself” — Kenice Mobley Talks Dating And Stand-Up

Photo by Scott Lovejoy


Kenice Mobley got into comedy the old-fashioned way—she was bored at her marketing job, downloaded Spotify to kill time and started devouring stand-up albums while she answered emails. And as she fell deeper and deeper into the comedy rabbit hole, she found herself learning the trade almost by osmosis. “After you’ve listened to straight stand-up comedy for, like, a month, you’re just like, ‘Oh, I have this thought. How is it automatically coming out with a punchline?’” she laughs.

A frequent performer at comedy clubs throughout Cambridge, including the Comedy Studio and ImprovBoston, Mobley often riffs on dating, relationships and all the absurdity that comes along with them. We sat down with her to talk baring it all onstage, staying employed and the ultimate sacrilege: mixing candy with your popcorn.

Scout Cambridge: Was there any initial hurdle when you started doing standup with getting up in front of people and talking about your personal life?

Kenice Mobley: No, not at all. I think it comes from a lack of shame. What I mean is, I did debate in high school and that sort of thing, so I’m used to speaking publicly. I say very deeply personal things onstage, and people will either care or they won’t. As long as they don’t come up to me on the street like, “Hey, you’re the chick who said this about your vagina!” I mean… I did say that, but we do not need to talk about that in this coffeeshop.

SC: I think that would be the hardest part of comedy—getting behind a microphone and being like, “Hey, here’s all my stuff.”

KM: It’s weird, there’s, like, a layer of separation from it. I’ve crafted the words very specifically, and I know how to say them in such a way that—even if it’s not an exact flow from this idea to this idea—that the audience can understand the connection that I’m making. I’m focusing on those things more than I’m focusing on, “Oh, these people know all the weird stuff that has happened in relationships of mine.” There’s this layer of separation where that was a joke, and you recognize that it was a joke and isn’t the most sincere representation of me.

SC: Has anyone ever reacted badly to a joke you made about them onstage?

KM: Thankfully, no. The thing that’s more annoying that me and my female friends talk about with frequency is: We’ll be dating someone, they’ll come to a show, they’ll be like, “That was really cool.” But instead of saying, “It’s awesome that you do that,” their first thought is, “I can do that.” I appreciate that you’re suggesting that I make this look easy, but I’ve worked hard to get to this level, and for you to be like, “Eh, this broad did it, so I can do it…” I’ve been working on this pretty hard.

SC: So do you think it’s easier or harder—or does it not make a difference—to be in a relationship versus dating and find the humor in that?

KM: I’d say more of my jokes come from dating, although… when you’re dating, you’re exposed to a number of people who have a variety of quirks. But when you’re in a relationship, you can get into some of that deeper weird stuff where they’re exposing thoughts that they’ve never told anyone. And you’re like, “Yeah, there’s a reason why you’ve never told anyone that. You really should’ve kept that to yourself—I don’t even want to know!”

I was on a date with this guy at the Somerville Theater, and he was acting like he was so gracious because he was buying popcorn. Like, la-di-fucking-dah! [Claps] He bought some candy, and he was like, “Do you like when people mix candy with their popcorn?” And I was like, “Nah, it’s not for me.” And then he just did it! It’s like, why are we here? I want to see this movie, and I already bought my own ticket. You’re just here. And afterwards, I’m going to act like you don’t exist.

SC: When you’re on a date like that, do you ever find yourself, like, looking for the comedy in it?

KM: That usually happens after something like the popcorn incident, where I’m like, “Okay… I’m going to write about that.” What’s frustrating to me is when I’ll go on a few dates with someone and they’ll be like, “So. Are there jokes about me yet?” It’s like, most of my jokes about dudes and dating are when they do completely crazy, off-the-wall things that make me never want to talk to them again. Did you—did you want to be a part of my jokes?

SC: So people find it… flattering?

KM: One guy, I wrote a horrible joke about him, and he loved it. He was like, “Oh my god, write more jokes about me!” And then I stopped seeing him. He was, like, too into it. I mean, between three and five nights a week, I’m doing comedy. The last thing I want, when I’m not doing that, is for someone to be like, “Okay, you’re doing comedy work with me right now. Entertain me, monkey.”

My coworkers found out that I did comedy, and this guy who’s pretty high up in the organization wanted me to say something funny. Like, I’m trying to stay employed here! I would like to keep this job! I don’t think that you want me to say the things that I think are funny. I’m busy working—I’m trying to make you money right now!

SC: What is it about relationships and dating that makes them really rich fodder for comedy?

KM: I think it’s the fact that everyone can kind of relate, even if you haven’t been in the same type of relationship or this weird thing didn’t happen to you. I could talk about my experiences studying psychology, I could talk about doing experiments on kids—like, safe ones. Your face did a thing. (Ed. note: My face did do a thing.) Not anything sinister. But there’s a certain amount that people wouldn’t relate to some of that. It’s harder to make that connection for them than it is with a relationship. Because everyone’s been like, “There’s this person that I like, but also sometimes hate.”

SC: So in addition to dating, what else hits that comedy sweet spot of being specific to you and still universally relatable?

KM: I write quite a bit about race, some about politics and a lot about, just, weird situations. Strange things will just happen to me. This is a joke that I tell pretty frequently: Within the span of a month, four people told me that I look like Harriet Tubman. Like, unconnected to one another. After the first two, I had written a joke about it, and then it happened two more times! For the record, I don’t look like Harriet Tubman. You guys are reading this—maybe you don’t know, you think there’s some Harriet Tubman-looking person just hanging out—but that is not the case. 

This story originally appeared in our January/February “Love Issue,” which can be found at more than 100 pick up spots throughout the area.

Movies of 2016

1. Season 2: Moone Boy 

2. Slow Learners

3. Hateful 8

4. Anomolisa

5. Spotlight

6. The Overnight

7. A Most Violent Year

8. Beasts of No Nation

9. Hector and the Search for Happiness

10. Tangerine

11. Deadpool

12. Season 4: House of Cards

13. Dope

14. Season 2: How to Get Away With Murder

15.  Pitch Perfect 2

16. 10 Cloverfield Lane

17. Mr. Nobody

18. World of Tomorrow

19. Food, Inc.

20.Batman v Superman

21. Season 2: Catastrophe

22. Midnight Special

23. Season 6: Archer

24. Pee Wee's Big Holiday

25. The Little Death

26. Season 2: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

27. Season 3: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

28. Jurassic World

29. The Meteor Man

30. Metropolitan  

31. A Bigger Splash

32. The Lobster

33. The Nice Guys

34. The Man From UNCLE

35. What We Do In the Shadows

36. Mistress America

37. Jupiter Ascending

38. Season 1: Lady Dynamite

39. X Men: Apocalypse

40. The Characters

41. The Best Man

42. Adult Children of Divorce

43. Now You See Me 2

44. Season 4: Orange is the New Black

45. Season 1: Mr. Robot

46. Season 6: Game of Thrones

47. Don't Think Twice

48. Swiss Army Man

49. Ghostbusters

50. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

51. Season 1: Stranger Things

52. Star Trek: Beyond

53. Season 3: Bojack Horseman

54. Season 1: Veep

55. Hello, My Name is Doris

56.  Captain America: Civil War

57. Season 2: Veep

58. Season 1: You're the Worst

59. Season 2: You're the Worst

60. Night Owls

61. The Magnificent Seven

62. Bridget Jones' Baby

63. Lo and Behold Reveries of the Connected World

64. Finding Dory

65. Sausage Party

66. People, Places, Things

67. Season 1: Luke Cage

68. Don't Breathe

69. Love and Friendship

70. 45 Years

71. Zootopia

72. Season 3: Black Mirror

73. Moonlight

74. The Accountant

75. Season 1: Penny Dreadful

76. Dr. Strange

77. Season 4: The Mindy Project

78. Trumbo

79. The Handmaiden

80. Neon Demon

81. Season 1: Fleabag

82. Arrival

83. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

84. Season 2: Penny Dreadful

85. Season 3: Penny Dreadful

86. Season 4: Inside Amy Schumer

87. Step Up

88. Season 3: Hannibal

89. Wish You Were Here

90. Sing Street

91. 13TH

92. Sleepwalk With Me

93. Season 1: Insecure

94. La La Land

95. Star Wars: Rogue One

96. Daddy's Home

97. Season 1: Atlanta

Movies of 2015

1. Season 1: Black Mirror

2. Season 2: Black Mirror

3. Season 4: John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show

4. World War Z

5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

6. Inherent Vice

7. The Gambler

8. Under the Skin

9. Season 1: The Wire

10. 22 Jump Street

11. Season 2: The Fall

12. Season 2: The Wire

13. Frank

14. Season 1: Friends

15. Season 2: Friends

16. Season 3: Friends

17. Season 4: Friends

18. Season 5: Friends

19. Season 6: Friends 

20. The Bling Ring

21. Spring Breakers

22. Obvious Child

23. The Interview

24. Season 7: Parks and Recreation

25. Birdman

26. Season 1: How to Get Away With Murder

27. Season 3: House of Cards

28. The Guest

29. Fifty Shades of Grey

30. Season 5: Archer

31. Starship Troopers

32. The Cable Guy

33. Season 7: Friends

34. Season 8: Friends

35. Season 9: Friends

36. Season 10 Friends

37. Hard Days Night

38. Season 2: Orphan Black

39. It Follows

40. Season 1: Empire

41. Furious 7

42. They Came Together

43. Season 1: Last Man on Earth

44. Season 4: New Girl

45. Season 2: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

46. Season 1: Gotham

47. Season 3: Mindy Project

48. Ex Machina

49. Chef

50. Mad Max: Fury Road

51. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

52. The Grifters

53, Beyond Clueless

54. Nightcrawler

55. Season 4: Game of Thrones

56. Season 3: Orange is the New Black

57. Season 1: Seinfeld

58. Season 2: Seinfeld

59. Season 3: Seinfeld

60. Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

61. Trainwreck

62. Inside Out

63. Season 1: Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 

64. Season 2: Don't Trust the B in Apt 23

65. Season 2: BoJack Horseman

66. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

67. Season 4: Seinfeld

68. Mood Indigo

69. Season 1: Catastrophe

70. The Butler

71. Welcome to Me

72. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

73. Maleficent

74. Black Mass

75. The Perfect Stranger

76. The Martian

77. Crimson Peak

78. Bridge of Spies

79. Spy

80. Season 3: The Wire

81: Season 4: The Wire

82: Basquiat

83. Spectre

84. Season One: Master of None

85. The Gift

86. The Night Before

87. Call Me Lucky

88. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

89. Dark Places

90. While We're Young

91. Creed

92. Season 1: Laid

93. Season 2: Laid

94. Season 1: Jessica Jones

95. Sisters

96. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

97. Season 2: Transparent

98. About Time

99. The Big Short

100: Season 1: Moone Boy

Movies of 2014

1. Inside Llewyn Davis

2. Her

3. Frances Ha

4. Drinking Buddies

5. Blancanieves

6. Season One: Hannibal

7. The Lego Movie

8. About Last Night

9. Season 1: Bored to Death

10. Season 2: Bored to Death

11. Season 2: House of Cards

12. Grand Budapest Hotel

13. Season 1: True Detective

14. Season 3: Girls

15. The Watch

16. Season 3: Scandal

17: Season 6: Mad Men

18. Season 1: Broad City

19. Season 6: Dexter

20. Season 7: Dexter

21. Season 8: Dexter

22. Season 2: Hannibal

23. Season 2: Mindy Project

24. Season 7: Parks and Rec

25. Meet the Millers

26. Blackfish

27. 20 Feet from Stardom

28. Season 1: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

29. Neighbors

30. Sightseeers

31. Pain & Gain

32. What to Expect When You're Expecting

33. X-Men: Days of Future Past

34. Season 1: Legit

35. Don Jon

36. Season 1: Louis

37. Season 3: Sherlock

38. Season 3: Luther

39. Season 2: Orange is the New Black

40. Girl Most Likely

41. Odd Thomas

42. Season 1: Top of the Lake

43. Season 1: New Girl

44. Season 2: New Girl

45. My Summer of Love

46. Greenberg

47. Season 2: Louie

48 Season 1: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

49. Nine 1/2 Weeks

50. Kick Ass 2

51. Guardians of the Galaxy

52. 2 Guns

53. Season 2: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

54. Season 3: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

55. Nymphomaniac: Vol 1

56. Nymphomaniac: Vol 2

57. Season 1: BoJack Horseman

58. Season 1: Party Down

59. Season 2: Party Down

60. The Dictator

61. Centurion

62. Season 1: Being Human (UK)

63. Season 2: Being Human (UK)

64. Season 3: Being Human (UK)

65. Season 4: Being Human (UK)

66. Season 5: Being Human (UK)

67. Season 3: New Girl

68. Boyhood

69. Along Came a Spider

70. Kiss the Girls

71. Gone Girl

72. Dear White People

73. Grabbers

74. Season 1: The Blacklist

75. Whiplash

76. The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

77. Short term 12

78. Interstellar

79. The Stranger By the Lake

80. The One I Love

81. Bridget  Jones: The Edge of Reason

82. Scrooged

83. Season 1: Transparent

84. Snowpiercer

85. The Double

86. Venus in Fur

87. A Long Way Down

88. Top 5

89. 3 Days to Kill

90. Unbroken

91. Stories We Tell

92. The Act of Killing

93. Season 9: The Colbert Report

94. Queen of Versaille

95. Man on Wire

96. The Trip

97. The Trip to Italy

98. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

99. Bill Cunningham New York

100. Los Angeles Plays Itself

101. New Years Evil

Allston Xmas

This month, I wrapped production on Allston Xmas, a web series centered around moving day in Allston. For those of you unfamiliar with the "holiday", Allston is a neighborhood in Boston where, for some reason, pretty much everyone has to move on the same day. 

We got some press that you can view here:

UnRegular Radio 


Boston Magazine

Most of our funding came from Kickstarter. You can view the project page here.

And if you're interested in the most up to date information, release dates, and more, check out the Facebook page here.

Movies of 2012

1. Fishtank

2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

3. Weekend

4. Harold and Maude

5. Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

6. Bad Teacher

7. Piña

8. Haywire

9. Fright Night

10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

11. Badlands

12. Midnight in Paris

13. Let The Right One In

14. The Guard

15. The Descendants

16. Our Idiot Brother

17. Warrior

18. Captain America

19. Senna

20. Barney's Version

21. A Separation

22. What's Your Number

23. Moneyball

24. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

25. The Artist

26. The Mechanic

27. Hairspray

28. Friends with Benefits

29. Tiny Furniture

30. Cedar Rapids

31. Hugo

32. Rules of Attraction

33. The Third Man

34. Detachment

35. All About Eve

36. Hanna

37. Limitless

38. Hunger

39. Take Shelter

40. The Skin I Live In

41. Melancholia

42. The Landlord

43. American Reunion

44. Days of Heaven

45. Thor

46. A Town Called Panic

47. Straw Dogs

48. Humpday

49. Dream House

50. Carnage

51. Dinner for Shmucks

52. Role Models

53. Like Crazy

54. We Bought a Zoo

55. The Avengers

56. Snow White and the Huntsman

57. Paul

58. Moonrise Kingdom

59. Prometheus

60. Blue Velvet

61. Chronicle

62. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

63. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

64. Redtails

65. Jeff, Who Lives at Home

66. Dogtooth

67. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

68. A Harold and Kumar Christmas

69. Magic Mike

70. The Devil's Double

71. Submarine

72.21 Jump Street

73. Pariah

74. W.E.

75. The Dark Night Rises

76. How to Train Your Dragon

77. Win Win

78. Something Borrowed

79. Hangover Part 2

80. Triangle

81. To Rome with Love

82. The Bourne Legacy

83. Beast of the Southern Wild

84. Hunger Games

85. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

86. One Day

87. Glengarry Glen Ross

88. Lawless

89. Think Like a Man

90. Casa de mi Padre

91. This Means War

92. God Bless America

93. Kissing a Fool

94. In the Loop

95, The Girl Who Played with Fire

96. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest

97. Looper

98. Cabin in the Woods

99. Wanderlust

100. Serenity

101. An American Werewolf in London

102. Bringing Out The Dead

103. From Russia With Love

104. Peaceful Warrior

105. Cloud Atlas

106. Skyfall

107. The Five Year Engagement

108. Safety Not Guaranteed

109. The Sessions

110. The Hobbit

111. Silver Linings Playbook

112. Django Unchained

113. Scream

114. From Dusk Til Dawn

115. The Master

Movies of 2013


1. Gangster Squad

2. 2 Days in New York

3. Everything Must Go

4. Zero Dark Thirty

5. Primer

6. Argo

7. Pitch Perfect

8. Ruby Sparks

9. Ted

10. Amour

11. Life of Pi

12. Top Gun

13. Take This Waltz

14. Beverly Hills Cop

15. The Deep Blue Sea

16. A Good Day to Die Hard

17. Seven Psychopaths

18. Out of Sight

19. Killer Joe

20. Perks of Being a Wallflower

21. Season One: House of Cards

22. Season One: Parks and Rec

23. Season Two: Portlandia

24. Season Two: Parks and Rec

25. Stoker

26. Season Three: Parks and Rec

27. Season One: Gavin and Stacy

28. Cosmopolis

29. Season Four: Parks and Rec

30. Season One: Louie

31. Liberal Arts

32. Savages 

33. Ninotchka 

34. American Graffiti

35.Season One: Battlestar Galactica

36. Season Two: Battlestar Galactica

37. Like Someone in Love

38. The Paper Boy

39. Season Three: Battlestar Galactica

40. For a Good Time Call

41. Season One: Scandal

42. No Strings Attached

43. Friends With Kids

44. Bachelorette

45. A Place Beyond the Pines

46. Trance

47. Red Riding: 1974

48. Red Riding: 1980

49. Red Riding: 1983

50. A Royal Affair

51. Wrong

52. The Great Gatsby

53. Season 2: Bobs Burgers

54. Lo

55. Star Trek Into Darkness

56. Modern Times

57. The Great Dictator

58. City Lights

59. Mud

60. Before Midnight

61. Shotgun Stories

62. Season 3: Game of Thrones

63. Season 4: Arrested Development

64. John Dies at the End

65. The West Wing

66. This is the End

67. Season 1: Black books

68. White House Down

69. The Heat

70. Man of Steel

71. Flight

72. Night and Fog

73. The Way, Way Back

74. Rendez-vous

75. Season 3: Bobs Burgers

76. The GoGetter

77. In the Realm if the Senses

78. Season 2: Scandal

79. Season 1: Orange is the New Black

80. Lore

81. The Exterminating Angel

82. The Worlds End

83. Season one: The Mindy Project

84. Season One: Spaced

85. Season 5: Parks and Rec

86. Season Two: Spaced

87. Season 8: How I Met Your Mother

88. In a World

89. Side Effects

90. Gravity

91. 12 Years a Slave

92. Hallem Foe

93. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

94. Bronson

95. Only God Forgives

96. In the House

97. Season 4: Coupling

98. Intolerable Cruelty

99. Olympus Has Fallen

100. American Hustle

101. Wolf of Wall Street